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Franklin Special School District: PAC & Gym

Wold has a long, established relationship with the Franklin Special School District. This successful pairing worked together to design the District-wide performing arts center (PAC) and elementary school gym. The PAC is used to showcase the District’s seasonal plays, holiday musicals, and graduation ceremonies. While the new elementary school gym allows for more space for tournaments, tryouts, and athletic classes.

Wold worked with theatrical and acoustical consultants to ensure that all acoustical factors were considered during the design of the PAC. In doing so, the team was able to create seating that can occupy up to 490 people. This seating is surrounded by a thrust stage with a 120-square-foot proscenium. The stage is equipped with a full 50 feet fly loft that can be accessed by catwalks. The PAC also includes changing rooms, a concession stand, on-site workshop, and loading dock. Near the entrance of the facility there is a Franklin Special School Legacy Gallery. This 650-square-foot, curated installation celebrates the history of the District.

The new elementary school gym incorporates updated design components, such as high ceilings that maximize natural light and motorized bleachers to allow for more play space. The facility houses a concession stand and split locker rooms. It was important to the District that the locker rooms could function for a variety of different sporting events. This meant splitting the locker rooms by home and away teams, as well as girls and boys. Each of these locker rooms is accessible from the new and old gyms. The new gym has been added to the existing school to provide increased athletic space during extracurricular activities.

The PAC and gym are set to be completed by early 2022. The PAC will be a great asset to the community due to its ability to be rented out by the public, and community members will get to experience the benefits of the gym as they visit it for sporting events. All in all, the school district is looking forward to opening these spaces to students, staff, and community members.

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