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Eagan City Hall and Police
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Eagan City Hall and Police Renovation and Addition

In 2018, Wold was hired by the City of Eagan to confirm space needs for both the city hall and police facility, providing solutions that would modernize operations and improve departmental efficiency and customer service. The design reorganized the departments' layout to create a more comfortable work environment that was reflective of each organization's culture. The goals and guiding principles for the project included:

  • Improved daylighting to all spaces
  • New lobby spaces that are more welcoming and inviting to the community
  • Flexible training spaces for staff that can also be used by the community
  • The collocation of departments in both police and city hall to improve customer service
  • Covered vehicle parking for police vehicles to protect the city's investment
  • Modern office furniture that is adjustable and ergonomic
  • Integrated staff collaboration areas to improve staff efficiency
  • Full replacement of HVAC and electrical systems

The City of Eagan's solution included both additions and full renovation of all the police department and city hall spaces. City leadership was committed to modernizing the building and providing staff spaces to be more effective in serving the community. To ensure uninterrupted access for the public, we developed a multi-phased construction project that started in the spring of 2018 and was completed two years later, in 2020.

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