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Women’s History Month | Sara Malin

In honor of Women’s History Month, Wold Architects and Engineers is celebrating several women leaders on our team who are paving the way for others. Throughout the month, we are asking the women of Wold important questions about their experiences as female leaders at Wold and across the architecture, engineering and design industries.

In our fifth installment of the series, healthcare senior living Principal Sara Malin shares advice on how to navigate a new career path and the importance of setting goals. A passionate architect, Sara strives to understand clients’ unique perspectives and translate them into creative and practical care environments that are welcoming, resident and patient-focused, and supportive to the staff and community.

Tell us about your current role and how you’re making an impact.
As a Principal and leader in the healthcare senior living business unit, I am constantly challenging myself to learn new things about the craft of architecture and the business of our industry. I aim to make an impact in my community and industry as a resource, mentor and role model.

What are some tips or advice you have for young women interested in a similar career?
My advice is to be strategic in your career and take time to plan where you want to go. I was given the advice to follow the 2, 2, 10 plan, which is a guide to determine what you want to be doing in 2 months, 2 years, and 10 years. Once you have these goals identified, you can develop a strategy to reach them.

I like to encourage young women not to be afraid to commit to their goals and share them with others. Sharing them will help you succeed. Early in my career, I was afraid to commit to certain goals because I feared I might achieve them and they wouldn’t be what I anticipated. However, I discovered that you learn a lot on your career journey and it's okay to pivot and adjust your goals as needed.

Can you share an example of what Wold is doing in the workplace to support the growth and development of women?
Wold is a merit-based organization. Our leadership will support your growth and make sure you have the tools you need to succeed if you are ambitious and willing to do the work. If you lay out your aspirations and intended path to reach them, you will generally find support. As part of our firm’s commitment to growth, groups like Women in Design and our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion committee have been created to ensure there are places for our team members to discuss and address issues that are important to them.

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