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Women’s History Month | Beth Meadows

In honor of Women’s History Month, Wold Architects and Engineers is celebrating several women leaders on our team who are paving the way for others. Throughout the month, we are asking the women of Wold important questions about their experiences as female leaders at Wold and across the architecture, engineering and design industries.

In our final installment of the series, Associate Beth Meadows shares what it is like to be a new mom in a leadership role and how she balances having a young family with a career she loves. Beth has a wide range of experience in both government and education projects and is passionate about enhancing the built environment and developing lasting relationships.

Tell us about your current role and how you’re making an impact.
As an Associate at Wold |HFR, I wear many hats. Although I work on business development, marketing, and project management, my primary focus is building and nurturing client relationships. I often oversee and participate in the design and construction administration processes, which requires constant communication with my design team, contractors, and clients to make sure their goals and objectives are met.

One thing I love about my current role is the ability to work on a wide variety of projects in both the public sector and in education, whether it be new facilities, renovations, restorations or preservations. From small park restroom facilities to multi-million-dollar new builds, I have the opportunity and pleasure to work with a range of clients with unique needs.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge (and thus, greatest opportunity) for women in your field, and how might you approach the solution?
I find the biggest challenge is creating work-life harmony. As a new mom, I have recently understood the challenge many women face as they advance in their professions, strive to be a present mother and wife, and make time for important extracurricular activities like volunteering and attending church outings.

Hybrid work has helped address this challenge and create more work-life harmony. I am still able to do the same level of work; however, I am more present for my family. I’m grateful for the flexibility I have that makes it possible for me to do it all.

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