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New high school designs consider complex environments that require flexible responses to educational demands and community needs.

The learning methods for high school students continue to evolve, and with it comes new designs for high schools. As a recognized leader in the K-12 design realm, our team is committed to staying at the forefront of educational trends. We can create authentic high school designs that match a school district's long-term goals with this philosophy in mind. For students preparing for the next chapter in their lives, we believe it is crucial to focus on the personalization of learning to assist in their growing independence.

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Personalization of Learning

High school facilities are complex environments that require flexible responses to educational demands as well as community needs and expectations. The current generation of high school students, in addition to future generations, grew up with technology being an integral part of their lives, influencing how they research, create and communicate their ideas. As a result, modernized designs for high schools are centered around the ideals of personalized learning. Education that supports each student’s unique learning style and emphasizes collaboration and flexibility.

Environments to Inspire

Alongside flexible spaces that assist in advancing personalized learning, we believe there are a variety of other attributes that contribute to an engaging high school experience. We believe a high school's design should incorporate elements that invoke passionate study and student motivation. At this level, students are getting opportunities to explore personal passions around subject areas and career paths that interest them. More niche classes are made available to students than ever before. School districts recognize that enabling students to delve into their interests sets them up for a successful future. We translate this understanding to our designs and ensure that these unique spaces are properly planned and equipped to allow students to explore these fields.

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Customizable Space for Extracurriculars

High school buildings are a hub of activity. Going beyond academics, our team has the experience necessary to help accomplish your facility goals related to extracurricular activities. Whether it's fieldhouses, performing arts centers, weight rooms, stadiums or any other extracurricular spaces, our team has the knowledge to assist in how these can be cohesive with the other aspects of your school. A benefit to the greater community, a high school is also a shared center of activity, providing spaces for gathering, collaborating, sharing, learning and celebrating at every age. High school facilities must provide opportunities for the larger community to interact with the building in a safe and secure way that does not diminish but instead amplifies student learning and engagement. In working with you, we can explore how changes in curriculum delivery, community uses, business partner involvement and advances in technology might influence your building and the student experience.

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Cost-Effective Design

Financial circumstances should not limit education. Innovative and cost-effective design solutions can be rendered for all types of budgets. To find your resolution, we work with your stakeholders to identify your budget and assess how our design goals can coincide with these financial standards. We apply these assessments to all project types including new builds, renovations and additions. No matter the budget, your school district is deserving of innovative results and we will work with your state’s funding to accomplish your goals.

"From the beginning of our partnership, Wold Architects and Engineers were strong mentors and friends in assisting our district staff with designing a facility aligned with our vision and goals.

— Denille Le Platt, Director of Rural Services, Colorado Department of Education

With our experience designing high schools, we believe a collaborative process with a school district is necessary for a project to be successful. We involve all essential stakeholders in a participatory planning process to ensure we match a school district's values and vision. This includes the students' and teachers' opinions, who will have the opportunity to impact their learning environments for years to come. Regardless of project scope, we are committed to designing within our clients' budgets while delivering exceptional design. A core value at Wold, we aim to bolster student engagement through our new designs for high schools.

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