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Sunnyside Elementary School

Sunnyside Elementary School was one of several elementary schools in Mounds View School District to receive updates as part of the 2017 referendum. Growing enrollment within the district was the catalyst for necessary changes to spaces like the small kitchen, enclosed cafeteria, not enough classroom space and no dedicated bus loop.

The biggest change at Sunnyside came in the form of a new kitchen. Due to the lack of extra site space for a kitchen addition, the team reimagined an underutilized storage room and converted it into a brand new kitchen. The cafeteria space adjacent to the kitchen was expanded complete with new furniture, booth seating, updated lighting and new technology for flexible use of the space. Large window openings were added to provide previously lacking natural light in the dining area.

Five new classrooms were also added onto the building. This new learning space boasts new, flexible seating, spaces for small, medium and large group breakouts and movable glass walls. The classrooms are also interconnected to provide opportunities for team teaching and large group learning.

Lastly, a designated bus loop, that also serves as the hard surface play area, was added to ease on site traffic issues and help the flow of parent and bus traffic to be separated.

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