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The school district of Somerset had been developing an educational methodology that shifted delivery of content to a more independent and personalized approach and wanted facilities that matched that philosophy. Wold was able to assist the district with the planning and passage of a referendum in 2018 to address this need.

One of the largest changes to the building was the reorganization and expansion of traditional construction trades spaces. Instead of individual shops, FACS, Arts and Tech Education spaces were reorganized along a spine of labs ranging from “clean” labs focused on design progressively towards “dirty” or heavy labs and shops focused on hands-on construction. Science labs were reorganized around a central flexible learning location. The media center was significantly overhauled to create and develop more spaces for independent, on-line and small group learning through the development of an educational commons at the core of the building, with increased visibility from the surrounding classroom spaces. Administration spaces were relocated adjacent to the entry along with a secure vestibule for operational enhancement. All work was completed fall of 2020, with a focus on master planning areas not addressed for future efforts.

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