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Skyview Middle School

In 2019, ISD 622 passed a referendum to address several desired District-wide improvements. After speaking with the ISD 622 leadership about their goals & initiatives, it became clear that Wold would be a good fit to assist in bridging the gap between the District’s visions & reality.

For Skyview, the main challenges involved the conversion from it’s K-8 community school origins into a true Middle School serving half of the total District grade 6-8 population and expanding personalized learning options in the design. This meant spaces that were designed initially for younger students had to be reimagined to reflect a more mature student. Additionally, in order to open up the building visually and provide greater transparency between spaces, the original structure of concrete block walls and compartmentalized spaces had to be transformed and opened with new zones that are interconnected for greater continuity. By reorganizing groupings of spaces and determining where wide expanses of walls could be opened, the renovated areas not only provide greater visibility, but also the ability to transform space from small to medium to large groups as needed to provide the flexibility the user desires. The entire project was scheduled around phased construction completion dates to take advantage of newly renovated spaces as they occurred instead of having one main occupancy date at total project completion.

Skyview Middle School
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