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Pitkin County Jail

The Pitkin County Jail was a forward-looking small jail when it was first constructed in 1984. However, over its existence, there have been very few changes within the facility to keep up with the safety, security and wellness needs of both detainees and staff.

With an onset of multiple safety incidents, Wold was hired to perform a full safety and security assessment of the jail and determine the cost to make the necessary improvements. The County also retained Wold to make critical modifications to the existing Jail so they can continue to safely conduct intake, provide temporary holding and facilitate their work release program. The project includes creating a new booking area, medical office, dress out area, property room, and modifications to existing pods to be used for holding and work release. The final design solution focused on improving the safety and efficiency of staff as well as the durability and ligature free environments for detainees.

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