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Pike Lake Elementary School

The 2018 Pike Lake mechanical improvements project was a long-term facility maintenance (LTFM) project to replace aging and failing mechanical equipment and improve the temperature and humidity control throughout the building.

Pike Lake Elementary School was one of the district’s worst energy performers. An aging and overly complicated HVAC system from 2001 was costing the district precious operating dollars each year. Wold worked with the district to identify strategies to utilize portions of the existing systems, located equipment solutions that fit existing conditions and pared away overly complicated parts of the energy system to provide remarkable improvements in energy efficiency.

The building used $175,000 in gas and electricity in 2017, the last full year of operation before the project. In 2019, the first full year of operation with the new system, the building used $90,000 in gas and electricity. That is nearly a 50% reduction in energy use. The building went from 261.58 kBTU/SF/Year in 2017 to 72.17 kBTU/SF/Year in 2019, representing a reduction factor of over 3.6.

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