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McKinley Elementary School

Formerly Willow Creek 6th Grade Intermediate School, McKinley Elementary was expanded and transformed into a grades K-5 School as a part of a District-wide masterplan to align facilities with programming and create capacity at the Elementary Level.

The school is organized around the continuous learning commons and features a variety of flexible furniture to support collaborative learning. McKinley’s culture is rooted in collaboration and learning through project-based inquiry (STEM). The additions and renovations are designed to celebrate the culture of McKinley through the creation of a continuous learning commons, a flexible learning area shared by all to support personalized learning, team teaching, and collaboration. The project reorganized the building into grade-level pods and created a new main office with a secure vestibule to improve safety. Additionally, the building’s systems and food service spaces were expanded to accommodate the additional student capacity (approx. doubled from 360 to 620).

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