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Marlowe & Heineman Middle School

Wold first assisted CSD 158 with long-range planning related to the rapid growth of the District.

The initial implementation those master planning efforts included the design and construction of two new, 750-student middle schools, which were planned for phased expansion to continue to address the District’s growth needs. In 2005, Wold was retained by CSD 158 to complete the first phased addition to Marlowe Middle School, resulting in an increased total capacity of 1,500 students.

Over the course of this nearly 10-year relationship, Wold has served as the District’s Architect of Record – completing projects of varying scope and size at nearly each of the District’s eight facilities. In light of the tempered growth of the District, the long-range planning has been revisited and updated—with Wold’s assistance—on an ongoing basis to adjust for the current needs of the District.

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