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Lakeview Methodist Health Services

Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center opened its doors as a nursing facility in 1964, with an addition in 1977.

One of the biggest issues in the old building was the cast iron/galvanized sewer piping, which was in clay block on concrete walls without access. Corroding pipes are difficult, if not impossible, to access. Many sink drains were clogged in resident rooms because the sinks were back to back with a cross-drain connection, and augured through pipes when cleaning. Drum traps were used on the second floor for tubs. They also had some leaks in storm drains from roof drains. After reviewing these modifications and the statistics of Martin County, soon to be home to 4,137 people over 65 with high expectations, the board voted to build a new nursing home.

The new two-story, 86,000 sf building was created in the emerging care center design known as a “Neighborhood Concept,” which encourages companionship and sociability among residents. Lakeview Methodist offers amenities for more people in a homelike, warm, person-centered environment designed to uplift the senses and improve mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The new facility offers physical, speech, and occupational therapy, spiritual care, and transitional care. Residents also can enjoy a movie theater, fitness center, beauty shop, and barber services, café, and laundry services. In addition, Lakeview Methodist provides an activities director for intergenerational social services, and daily group and individual activities.

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