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Huron Regional Medical Center Birthing & Nursery

The Birthing and Nursery Renovation at Huron Regional Medical Center brought much needed upgrades to their existing obstetrics department to serve Huron, South Dakota’s growing community of young families.

The project doubled the facility’s Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Post-Partum (LDRP) room count from four to eight rooms, including four brand new patient rooms complete with bathrooms featuring both a shower and a labor/recovery tub. The remaining four LDRP rooms received an extensive functional and cosmetic remodel to increase the perception of equity amongst the patient rooms.

Creating the four new LDRP rooms drastically reduced the need for mothers and their families to relocate from their outdated yet roomy LDRP room to a small post-partum room, which was a major patient dissatisfier. The department, formerly utilized as part OB and part Med/Surg, was not meeting the current needs of a birthing floor. Support spaces were undersized, and the former Med/Surg patient rooms were underutilized or had been converted to overflow support space. In addition to the added and remodeled LDRP rooms, the renovation provided a right-sized nurse station with plenty of patient room observation in addition to a welcoming presence at the family entrance to the department, a serene yet secure nursery, staff rooms located to provide off-stage privacy, and updated support spaces.

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