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City of Alexandria Police Station

In 2009, Wold Architects in association with Ringdahl Architects was hired to plan and design a new Police Station for the City of Alexandria. The Guiding Principles established for the project reflect that the facility should be an asset to the community through its modern, non-traditional appearance. It should reflect the City's identity and be a visible presence of safety and security.

The 24,000 square foot facility takes advantage of its proximity to Lake Agnes and downtown Alexandria, featuring modern open office spaces with large windows that highlight the views and provide daylighting into the office area. The facility includes office space for administration, records, investigations, patrol, evidence storage and processing and squad parking. The building reflects its function and role in the community, utilizing copper cladding reminiscent of when police officers wore copper badges and the lobby displays a historic motorcycle that was the first used by police officers early in the department's history. This motorcycle was donated by a local farmer and restored by a local motorcycle dealer.

*Project completed in association with Ringdahl Architects

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