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Chosen Valley Care Center

Chosen Valley Care Center is an addition and remodeling project for a skilled nursing provider in Chatfield, Minnesota.

The client had focused several years on investing in assisted and independent living buildings to create a continuum of the care campus. It was time to focus on the care center, which required infrastructure upgrades, and updates to make it more marketable and attractive to the transitional care market and to create a better environment for the residents that lived there. The majority of the residents lived in double rooms with four residents sharing a bathroom. Wold started the project with an in-depth infrastructure analysis to determine the extent of infrastructure upgrades and replacements that would be required and to understand the impact that work would have on the budget. Working with the client and the stakeholder, Wold facilitated planning meetings that focused on creating the project goals and priorities so that the project would focus the limited project budget in the areas of the highest priority. The result is a building with the majority of the residents living in private or single rooms, a new community room and lounge areas for the residents so they have a variety of places to gather, a new physical therapy addition, and a dedicated transitional care wing. The building has new heating and cooling systems and updated finishes throughout the building.

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