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Centerview Drive
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Centerview Drive

Centerview Drive was a two-lane urban street with landscaping within a variable 50 foot to 60 foot Right of Way width. Boyle Investments, in cooperation with the City of Brentwood upgraded the roadway.

Within the right of way, two through lanes and 9-foot parallel parking spaces were added. A continuous 5-foot sidewalk was added along the eastern side and a 14-foot urban sidewalk/streetscape added along the new Hilton Garden Inn's frontage. Old landscaping was removed, and new urban-friendly trees were planted along both sides of the roadway. The roadway was constructed with a street calming speed table and marked pedestrian crosswalks. The result was an enhanced urban environment with slower traffic while creating a friendlier pedestrian movement within the right of way.

The pedestrian-friendly enhancements support the new multi-family housing to the south connecting to a new urban center complete with a new hotel, restaurants, commercial businesses and existing office park. A new downtown urban center on the east side of Franklin Road was created supporting work and play urban philosophy.
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