Successful Way-Finding

Successful way-finding provides the information needed to:

1. Know where you are
2. Know the direction of your destination
3. Follow the best route to your destination
4. Recognizing the destination when you reach it
5. Know your way back

Good way-finding reduces the anxiety of visitors in your building and enhances the visitors experience while on your campus. A bad way-finding system can lead to staff disruptions and unproductive time while staff gives directions to visitors. The public will leave the campus with a negative impression which reflect poorly on the organization and public relations.

Bay Area Medical Center

Keys to designing a successful way-finding system involve:

• Selecting appropriate way-finding elements, such as signage, color, or
distinctive art
• Designing a legible way-finding system
• Consistent and reflective of your branding graphics
• Providing accurate and constant information on an ongoing basis

Grant Regional Health Center
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