Women in Design

Women In Design

Wold Team

Wold continues to be a part of the important, ongoing discussion about gender equality. Giving women at Wold the tools they need to thrive at our firm and in our industry is a priority for our firm.

Women in Design (W.I.D.) is an internal initiative whose mission is to encourage and promote women in the design industry and at Wold through four pillars of advocacy, mentorship, education and networking. While our hiring of women is at 50%, we recognize that there is still a substantial gender gap in the A/E industry that affects everyone on the team. We believe diversity brings crucial perspectives to our team and is an integral part of our clients’ and our firm’s success. At Wold, we empower women in the industry to continue being invaluable voices — in the office, as leaders and in the world. We encourage the elevation of women to leadership positions at Wold through additional training and professional development.

Women in Design holds monthly meetings to discuss, read about and share the challenges that women face in the industry and at the workplace. These meetings intend to create a safe forum for honest dialogue and opportunities to connect with peers and mentors. To aid in these conversations, Wold’s Women in Design program sponsors office-wide philanthropic events and partners with larger professional associations such as the AIA Women’s Leadership Summit.

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