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Planning for District-Wide Change

When school districts study their facilities, they are often faced with a challenge: their buildings have physical space needs that require an immediate investment, which presents the leadership with a time-sensitive decision on how to proceed. A common approach is to examine the individual space needs of a given building based on current programming, and design solutions to meet those site-specific needs.

However, this approach takes a limited view as building updates are done in silos (site by site) rather than with a broader goal in mind. When facilities are in need of investment, an opportunity presents itself to consider how these updates could be done with broader, district-wide goals in mind.

The district-wide planning perspective fosters a mission focused on equitable distribution of resources, flexibility in serving the student learning experience and preparing students across the district for their future as global citizens. This approach to educational facility design offers districts an opportunity to apply the lens of mission and vision directly to the design of learning environments. With input and guidance from a skilled educational planner and design team, the possibilities open up for any district looking to make a long-term strategic impact.

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