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5 Reasons to Prioritize Police Vehicle Storage

Officers rely on these vehicles to perform the essential duties of their jobs. Vehicles essentially become a workstation for patrol officers who spend nearly an entire shift offsite. A department’s vehicle fleet is a major public investment and a valuable resource worth maintaining. Here are five reasons your department should consider covered and secured police vehicle storage for its fleet.

1. Improve Operational Efficiency

Vehicle maintenance is critical to the day-to-day operations of the department. Each vehicle needs to be equipped for a call on a moment’s notice. Through constant use and exposure to road and weather conditions, vehicles and other critical tools need more time and care to maintain peak and proper function.Maintenance may range from clearing snow or other debris from vehicles to troubleshooting IT issues with vehicle computer systems. One way to reduce these maintenance issues is to utilize a covered, climate-controlled parking structure which would allow departments to direct resources to other crucial tasks.

2. Increase Staff Comfort and Safety

The job of a police officer - and of all department support staff - can be stressful and draining. Many experience unsafe and uncomfortable situations every day. The last thing they need is to worry about the reliability, safety and comfort of their vehicle, an essential part of performing their duties. Covered, secured vehicle storage eliminates the extreme temperatures of vehicles parked outdoors and helps vehicles last longer and stay comfortable for officers. This also reduces the risk of falls and cold weather exposure when getting to a vehicle parked in a snow/ice covered lot.

3. Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Police vehicles often idle for large parts of the day. Although necessary while on the scene, idling is also common for vehicles between service. No matter the climate, departments may have idling vehicles to keep officers and equipment warm or cool enough to function safely and properly. A covered parking structure reduces the need for weather-related idling which in turn cuts fuel costs, lengthens vehicle life, reduces maintenance and carbon monoxide emissions.

4. Enhance Police Vehicle Storage Security

Vandalism, theft and tampering are a constant risk for vehicles parked outdoors. Fences and cameras will deter thieves and vandals, but there's no perfect quick-fix. Vehicles and other departmental equipment can cost in excess of $60,000. A department should employ all available measures to reduce security risks for such high-value resources.

5. Decrease Response Times

Officer response times are a critical component of the success of an emergency call. Officers need a clear, unimpeded path to their vehicle to efficiently reach scene. Vehicles in an outdoor lot may be obstructed by many factors: snow, ice, other vehicles, civilians, work equipment, etc. Organized, accessible covered vehicle storage eliminates these factors, ensuring officers get on the scene as quickly as possible.

Police vehicle storage is a crucial element of a department's operations. The list above touches just a few of the many benefits of police storage facility that fits your department’s needs.

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