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Higher education design inspires academic and athletic excellence through innovations of the built environment.

Wold Architects and Engineers offers an unparalleled perspective on higher education design projects that exceed the goals and expectations of clients. Our interactive design process enables collaboration amongst students, staff and community members. During this process, an open dialogue of ideas, needs and requirements allows spaces to be programmed, options assessed, requirements determined and objectives finalized. Our service-focused culture and mission will ensure a seamless design process for your higher education design projects.

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Identifying Our Team’s Responsibilities

Our responsibility as campus architects extends far beyond the design of your next higher education project. We offer master planning that guides your campus’ growth and sustainable design that ensures the use of the most energy efficient resources. Wold’s team of architects, engineers and planners are driven by a commitment to collaboration and creativity; therefore, your higher education project will excel beyond the boundaries of innovation.

Designing for the Collegiate Level

We understand that designing for the collegiate level requires comprehensive knowledge of university students. Their academic, personal and social needs must be understood to ensure designs align and excite their lifestyles. Additionally, colleges and universities must employ architects that understand the collegiate landscape and are capable of designing comparable or superior buildings. This understanding of the critical information that regards both students’ academic accomplishments and personal lifestyles informs the enrollment rate of higher education institutions. Whether designs are being considered for research universities or community colleges, an extensive amount of time and analysis must be dedicated to reaching optimal design solutions that positively impact enrollment rates.

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Aligning with Higher Education Trends

Trends within the higher education realm shift as do styles of education during younger academic years. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your architect stays primed on the most innovative and advanced trends within the industry. We are noting emphasis being placed on both learning and wellness communities. These communities include housing options that allow students to commit to a well defined academic path and a healthy lifestyle. Group study and breakout spaces have gained popularity as their informal settings prove to be more conducive to learning than older, traditional classrooms. Athletic stadiums have confirmed their ability to generate school pride and a sense of belonging; therefore, a high priority has been placed on determining modern design solutions for these athletic spaces. As architects and engineers know, trends continuously shift and it is our responsibility to be well versed in the current designs and predict the up and coming creative directions.

At colleges and universities across the country, it is our top priority to design innovative facilities that inspire academic and athletic excellence. We are an architectural firm dedicated to designing built environments that positively impact students’ collegiate experiences. To do so, we employ a versatile group of architects, engineers and planners to recognize the inventive trends within the industry. Higher education design is deserving of spaces that inspire creativity and spark impassioned study, and we are determined to deliver these design solutions.

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Higher education design inspires academic and athletic excellence through innovations of the built environment.

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