South Platte Renew Wastewater

South Platte Renew Wastewater Treatment Plant Addition/Renovation

The City of Englewood partnered with our team to design the addition and renovation of the South Platte Renew Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility’s operations complex. As the third largest wastewater treatment facility in Colorado, treating about 20 million gallons per day of residential and industrial wastewater from over 300,000 residents in the south metro Denver region, the project aims to enhance wayfinding, meeting and work spaces for staff and visitors, promoting greater collaboration and efficiency.

Leading up to the renovation, we conducted a comprehensive study to assess space needs and created a plan with SPR to maximize as much of the existing facility as possible. The renovation of the existing 30,000-square-foot facility and a building addition of approximately 16,500-square-feet, will highlight the plant's innovative and collaborative processes. This project ensures that South Platte Regional maintains its commitment to providing efficient and environmentally sustainable water renewal services for the community well into the future.

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