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Sheridan School District - CTE, Trades Center

Over the years, Sheridan High School developed a successful wood fabrication and design CTE program where students learn to envision, draft and fabricate functional, everyday objects. The program has been so successful that the district had recognized the need to expand CTE opportunities.

In partnership with Wold, the district explored the possibility of revitalizing an old pool building that had been abandoned next to the school. Originally estimated to be too expensive, Wold teamed up with district partners to design a space in this unique building that could be used to teach students the trades skills needed to build a house, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Students will receive instruction from respective trade professionals with the opportunity to receive higher education credits or work directly for a specific trade upon graduation. This project will have a direct and immediate impact on the community by helping create good-paying jobs for young adults in an industry that is clamoring for qualified workers.

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