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Johnsburg High School

Originally constructed in 1977, Johnsburg High School had no substantive updating in over 35 years. In addition to more than $13 Million in long term maintenance identified, studies and stakeholders identified unmet programmatic needs and a desire for a supportive, collaborative environment that touched every curricular area.

The solution included both additions and a comprehensive renovation:

  • Replace four portable classrooms

  • Renovate and update three science laboratories

  • Update Library to Learning commons

  • Create new student dining commons and servery/kitchen offering a variety of healthy food options

  • Renovate and enhance all educational space

  • Create a new identifiable and secure entrance and new administration area to replace the original office buried in the plan’s interior

  • Auditorium safety and accessibility

  • Expanded physical education teaching stations & athletic program support: 3 new courts, new locker rooms, weight room, fitness room, wrestling area, concessions, public lobby

  • Modernization of vocational education spaces

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