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Dane County Public Safety Communications Facility

Contract documents are nearing completion for the new Dane County Public Safety Communications (PSC) facility in Madison, Wisconsin. Wold, along with our civil engineering partners at JSD, worked closely with County and City officials over the past few months to obtain the necessary approvals for annexing the property into the city’s limits and developing the necessary off-site public infrastructure improvements to support the new 911 emergency communications center.

The new 34,000 square-foot facility will accommodate current and projected needs for emergency telecommunicator spaces in the dispatch center, as well as the associated administrative, supervisory, training and technology support functions. Specific attention has been given to providing spaces that will support the physical and mental well-being of all employees through the introduction of natural daylight, biophilic materials and color palettes, lighting controls and ergonomics.

The PSC facility is being developed in accordance with Dane County's countywide Climate Action Plan (CAP) initiative. The design team was engaged for the analysis of strategies related to the CAP's objectives of reducing energy use and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, the building's exterior envelope will be insulated and weather-sealed to exceed the requirements of the energy code. Strategies for maximizing natural, high-quality daylighting for staff work areas will be implemented to reduce the need for artificial lighting, while spaces not requiring fenestration have been orientated to the south to reduce solar heat gain. Overhangs will be utilized to block unwanted direct summer sunlight. The building is planned for electrification to eliminate reliance on natural gas as a utility. Heating and cooling for the entire facility will be provided by modular, reverse-acting chillers connected to a geothermal well fiend with a water-side economizer control strategy. A combination of on-site solar panels(roof and carport-mounted) are planned to partially offset the energy usage of the facility. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are planned for both public and staff parking areas.

The project is on schedule to bid in Winter/Spring 2024 with construction anticipated to begin in Spring/Summer 2025.

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