Arapahoe County Backup 911
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Arapahoe County Backup 911

Our team was hired by the Arapahoe County 911 Authority to remodel part of the Arapahoe County Administration Building into a cutting-edge Backup Call Center. Recognizing the need for a replacement backup call center to accommodate the growing community needs and increasing technological demands, Arapahoe County graciously donated 2,400-square-feet within the administration building for the new backup center. We were tasked with remodeling the call center to accommodate 10 new dispatch stations, a command center, a director's office, an IT room, and a break room. The project was completed and started taking calls in March of 2024.

The primary objective of this initiative was to elevate community service and serve as the emergency backup location for all current 911 centers in Arapahoe County and neighboring communities during extreme weather and relocation needs. Cathy Raley, Executive Director at Arapahoe County 911 Authority, praised Wold for our team’s hard work and “the culmination of dedication, collaboration and a relentless pursuit of excellence.” The new cutting-edge space provides enhanced service to its 288,000 citizens and serves as a haven for the emergency dispatch teams to continue their life-saving work.

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