Rick Moore


Rick Moore
Areas of Focus:

“We are the voice of seniors who have little voice and dwindling choices in their living options. I use my talents to create as great a home and life as we can for them."

Rick has devoted his 42 year career in architecture to creating inspired senior environments in many different settings, site configurations and varying program requirements. Rick works to create a supportive “home” for the residents. He is the voice of residents who may not have a voice about their environment. The spaces he designs respond to the need for a comfortable, efficient workplace for staff that affords caregivers more quality time with residents and reduces staff burnout and turnover while allowing staff more quality time with residents.

He is a firm believer in the collaborative process throughout the design process as essential to attaining the desired results that solves all of the design issues.

Rick’s projects have been recognized by his peers and the senior living industry for excellence in design and innovation.

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