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Saint Paul, Minnesota

One of Minnesota’s leading architecture and engineering firms.

With our headquarters based in the Twin Cities, our firm is proud to serve as one of Minnesota’s leading architecture and engineering firms. In 1968, founder Clark Wold moved his newly founded firm into the Osborn Building (now the Osborn 370), a downtown St. Paul building designed by Clark Wold himself. Since that time, our Minnesota location has grown to over 200 people, each with unique specialties in the design realm to bring our clients' visions to reality. Throughout our history in the area, our team has had the privilege of working with an array of clients both locally and regionally to deliver innovative results. As we’ve grown and moved from the Osborn Building to three different locations throughout our time in downtown St. Paul, one thing that’s stayed consistent is our commitment to making a difference in the communities we serve.


Saint Paul, Minnesota

332 Minnesota Street, Suite W2000
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101

Phone — 651.227.7773

Fax — 651.223.5646

Email — mail@woldae.com

Minnesota Office
Wold Architects & Engineers - Team Events

Office Environment

Located in the heart of St. Paul, our office in the historic First National Bank Building provides a vibrant connection to the St. Paul skyway system and close proximity to MetroTransit stations. Reinforcing our core values surrounding mentorship, our office design supports consistent interaction with casual and formal spaces. Throughout our multi-level layout, our office includes flexible spaces that promote collaboration amongst our team members. As remote-oriented workforces continue to increase in popularity, our office’s multi-purpose spaces allow it to continue to be an innovative reflection of our forward-thinking endeavors.

"Having a passive opportunity to see what others are working on promotes a workspace with both impromptu and scheduled collaborations."

— Joel Dunning, AIA LEED AP

Wold Architects & Engineers - Team Collaboration
Wold Architects & Engineers - Staff Summer Events

Similar to our office environment, the Twin Cities and surrounding areas provide our team with unique opportunities to come together. Our staff gathers for a wide variety of events throughout the year, including summer picnics, potluck dinners and holiday events. Like all Wold locations, our office serves as an incubation for growth amongst our employees, emphasizing professional growth. These efforts include our sponsorships for conferences in the area, specialized committees internally and additional growth opportunities.

Wold Architects & Engineers - Employees

Step Up Program by AchieveMpls

Community Outreach

We believe it is our responsibility to teach future generations the value of impactful design. Wold participates in the Step Up program by AchieveMpls. Step Up brings Minneapolis youth and employers together through internships, mentoring and career development opportunities. As one of the top Minnesota architecture and engineering firms, we believe it is essential to build these connections to create a more diverse, skilled and equitable workforce.

Our team holds a commitment to actively volunteering with local organizations.

Beyond our history of collaborating with local clients on impactful community projects, our team also holds a commitment to actively volunteering with local organizations. A few examples of this include our time spent with Feed My Starving Children, Simply Jane/ArtAble and other charitable events throughout the years. These activities are supported by events hosted in our office, as well as Wold’s community commitment. This commitment provides each of our team members paid time to invest their time and talents in organizations of their choice.