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Designing Schools of the Future

Wold Team

A north metro school district is about to open an elementary school unlike any you've probably seen before. When complete this fall, Centerview Elementary in the Spring Lake Park School District will host 600 pre-k through fourth-grade students. The new school is designed for students of the future, with mudrooms instead of lockers, and walls of glass that open up to become large student spaces.

"This school is going to be unique, in that we can work short term in ways to best meet our students' needs, but in 10 years this building will be adaptable to emerging influences in education," said Centerview Elementary School Principal Mike Callahan.

What most of us know as traditional classrooms will be called learning studios, with full wall whiteboards for instruction, but you won't find a teacher's desk off in the corner. Instead, the rooms will be filled with flexible furniture that can be moved around on a daily basis.

Centerview Elementary School 2

"The idea that someone would stand at the front of the room and teach 30 kids something for an hour is going by the wayside," said Paul Aplikowski, with Wold.

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