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Meet the New Vo-Techs

Wold Team
Career and technical education is preparing K-12 students earlier than ever for college and the job market.

Another national trend is career and technical education, or CTE, which exposes students to real-life experiences more directly. Olathe West has two distinct CTE learning environments: a space for green technologies that includes a green roof, rainwater catchment, solar panels, and a wind tower; and a place for public safety that can accommodate a full-size fire truck and ambulance. In both instances, the school district partnered with the community—including a local community college and the fire department—to help develop and program the spaces. Students participating in the public safety program can graduate with a certificate toward becoming a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician (EMT).

As K-12 schools become more specialized, AEC firms must familiarize themselves better with the job trades toward which schools are shifting their curricula and training.

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