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"I have an extremely analytical mind; I went into architecture because the creativity of artists inspire me and I believe that architecture is where those two worlds collide. Curiosity towards designing things that may inspire others is what drove me to work in this industry." A valued member of our team since 2014, Alison Andrews is an associate here at Wold. In this role, Alison leads projects primarily in our educational sector, while also serving as a relationship manager for our clients. "My favorite part about working at Wold is our collaborative and social culture. I enjoy working with fellow team members that are self-motivated and passionate about what we're doing." Alison graduated from Monmouth College with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts. Following her bachelor's, she graduated from Washington University with a Master's of Architecture. At both universities, Alison was a student-athlete involved in track and basketball.

Primarily involved in educational design, Alison says working with school districts has always been something she is passionate about. "I grew up surrounded by many educators. And currently, many of my friends and family are involved in some form of education. For me, I take pride in providing spaces that can make their jobs easier and more satisfying. Additionally, I enjoy giving back to communities by helping the next generation of students learn in an environment designed for them."

District 45 Early Childhood Center

Although Alison has enjoyed all of the projects she's been a part of, one of her current favorites is the design of a new early childhood center for District 45, DuPage County in IL. "I love working with clients like District 45 on their holistic projects. Although there can be many challenges throughout a project's timeline, it is rewarding to be a part of the experience with clients who strive for innovation." The new early childhood center recently broke ground on construction, with an estimated completion of August 2022.

Alison Andrews8
Left: Initial Sketch of D45 Early Childhood Center
Alison Andrews
Right: Exterior Rendering of D45 Early Childhood Center

Additional Involvement

For involvement, Alison has spent various time with committees and organizations, both internally and externally. At Wold, Alison is a member of our Women in Design (WID) committee. Women in Design (W.I.D.) is an internal initiative whose mission is to encourage and promote women in the design industry and at Wold through four pillars of advocacy, mentorship, education and networking. When asked what makes her passionate about being in WID, Alison says, "I enjoy having an opportunity where we can support women in our industry. Historically, architecture and engineering has been a male-dominated field. In this committee, we can increase the number of opportunities for women in architecture." Externally, Alison is a member of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO). Here, members can connect and grow as leaders in the educational field.

More about Alison

Continuing from her time as a student-athlete, Alison stays active through golf, CrossFit, sand volleyball and various other activities. A lover of dogs, Alison has a 9-month old mini Goldendoodle named Theo. If she was able to create the perfect day, she says it would be pretty laid back. "I'd love to spend the day outside with good friends, warm weather and puppies, of course." Find out more about Alison below!

Alison Andrews2
Alison Andrews3

When and where do you get inspiration?
Personality-wise, I am an observer. I find inspiration when I'm listening and watching my surroundings. Taking the time to absorb things around me allows me to learn, adapt and create new ideas for the various challenges in life.

Alison Andrews4

What is something that you collect?
As a movie buff, I have an extensive collection of DVDs and BluRays. If I had to pick a favorite movie, it would be Inception.

If you weren't an architect, what would you be?

I always dreamed of being a spy, but if that didn’t work out I would probably be an accountant.

Alison Andrews5

Do you have a dream travel destination?
My favorite destination so far has been Greece. One that is currently on my list is New Zealand.

Alison Andrews6

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