Horty Elving

New brand, same reputation

Founded in 1955, three young architects—Tom Horty, Bertil Fasth, and Edward Hillstrom—collaborated as the primary design team in the Mayo Diagnostic Clinic. They had just completed architectural studies (one in Sweden, one with Frank Lloyd Wright, and one with Eliel Saarinen). Their collective energies sparked new ideas about health care environments. They all desired greater personalization with clients and worked to make it happen.


Since then, Horty Elving has become a leader in healthcare and senior environments, offering services that include campus planning and design, architecture, engineering and interior design. The company helped shape over 500 healthcare facilities across the Midwest.


Horty Elving merged with Wold in October 2014, and was rebranded as Wold in 2016. Since joining forces, our designers and engineers have enjoyed even greater strengths and efficiencies. Working together, we continue delivering innovative, high-quality solutions for our clients and the communities they serve.