We are pleased to announce that we have received the Outstanding Project Award for both Hermantown High School and Fort Morgan Middle School by Learning By Design Magazine! Read more about ...

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Wold Architects and Engineers announces its aquisition of Ruck Pate Architecture.

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Wold is proud to be part of this Fort Logan Northgate 3-8 School project, the Sheridan School District 2 team, and another Colorado LEED Gold project ~ Congrats to all!

Vaughn Dierks, AIA, LEED AP, discusses the seven strategies to consider that will help ensure the schools communities fund today will be flexible enough to support the educational programming of future generations.

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Madonna Towers of Rochester partnered with Wold Architects and Engineers (St. Paul, Minn.) to design Benedict House, a new memory living community in  in Rochester, Minn. The project, which opened in December 2015, features 16 private rooms, divided into two separate households of eight.

Benedict House has a residential scale and design, starting with the exterior, which has a bungalow-inspired design that fits in with the surrounding...

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Congratulations St. Francis Regional Medical Center on the opening of your new urgent care clinic in Shakopee. Wold is proud to be part of the team on this project!  View the Full Article 

Horty Elving rebranded as Wold - 

Wold Architects and Engineers (Wold) is pleased to announce that on Monday, December 5, the staff of its Minneapolis-based healthcare firm Horty Elving, a Wold Company, moved to Wold’s headquarters in the historic First National Bank Building in downtown St. Paul. Horty Elving, which merged with Wold in 2014, is rebranding and will now be known as Wold.

“After two years of sharing resources across town from...

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In August 2016, the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, one of the oldest schools in Detroit, opened its new Science and Engineering Center, designed through a collaborative, inclusive process by Wold Architects and Engineers.

Since its beginning in 1877, the private boys’ school has presented a traditional architectural persona to the world in keeping with its Jesuit foundations. Spectacular Spanish Colonial Revival style buildings with ornate...

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Wold Architects and Engineers designs schools that prepare students for the 21st century workplace.

Huntley High School HubBlended learning, a concept that originated in corporate training, has moved into many schools as a combination of face-to-face and self-managed online learning. This learning pedagogy mirrors the college experience and many workplaces, and calls for a flexible, campus-like building strategy. Wold...

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Photo credit: Fred FurhmeisterWhen administrators view their architect as a true partner and collaborator, great schools can happen.

Too often, school districts think of their architect as a kind of vendor who can provide a very big product: A new school facility. However, when districts include their architect in big-picture conversations, they achieve a much more useful and better-fitting architectural “product.” To...

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Photo credit: Steve Silverman PhotographyIn Palatine, Illinois, the Village Hall served as the village’s operational base for nearly 40 years. Originally constructed as part of the former Palatine High School, the facility was repurposed in the late 1970s to become the Village Hall. As Palatine’s civic needs expanded and technology advanced, the Village fo

und that the building’s layout...

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Josh Grenier, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Wold Architects and Engineers (Wold) is pleased to announce that educational planner Josh Grenier, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, has moved from the firm’s Minnesota headquarters to its Colorado offices, where Wold’s K-12 design practice continues to expand. 

Grenier, who has been with Wold for five years, specializes in K-12 educational facilities with a concentration on integrating the design process...

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Schools are breaking down the walls between the classroom and community. In the past, community involvement in schools meant a business donated supplies or an arts group hosted an event. Today, those transactional relationships are turning into deeper partnerships in which community organizations help schools reach programming and achievement...

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Mike Eichhorn, AIA, LEED BD+CWold Architects and Engineers continues to develop new firm initiatives to help design exceptional 21st century educational facilities for K-12 education environments. The firm’s Michael Eichhorn, AIA, LEED BC+D, brings more than 20 years of experience in planning, designing and executing educational facilities, with a...

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Tim McGrathTimothy McGrath Further Enhances Firm Expertise

Wold Architects and Engineers’ Timothy McGrath, AIA, REFP is leading an expansion of the firm’s expertise in the planning and design of K-12 facilities. Based in Wold’s Illinois office, McGrath brings more than 35 years of experience with a special focus on educational design. He has been instrumental in creating many notable school...

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Fort Logan Northgate 3-8 School, Sheridan, Colorado

When it comes to education, there is almost no other place Americans invest as much work, hope and energy into the future as they do schools. 

At Wold, we design smart, sustainable schools that make innovative teaching and learning possible. And we recognize that one design solution doesn’t fit all communities. In fact, we partner with...

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South Conejos PK-12 School, Antonito, ColoradoWold Designs Schools for the 21st Century — And Beyond

Imagine returning to your own high school and discovering that nothing had changed. You might feel nostalgic, but you should feel worried: Education is not the place to look backward. Today’s students live in a world where innovation, creativity and integration with technology are...

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Fort Logan Northgate 3-8 School

We’re proud to be #5 for the K-12 School Sector in Building Design+Construction's 2016 Giants 300 Report that was just released. Wold is also ranked in the Data Center Sector (#14) and among Architecture/Engineering Firms (#38). (*rankings are based on 2015 revenue)

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South Conejos PK-12 School, Antonito, Colorado

Wold's innovative learning spaces

More than 40 years ago, most classes were taught the same way: A teacher stood at the front of a room and lectured to silent rows of students. Today, Wold partners with educators, school administrators and civic leaders throughout the country to develop sustainable...

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We were honored to accept a bronze citation from American School and University Educational Interiors Showcase for our renovation of Huntley High School in Huntley, Illinois. In this project, we showcased the school's reputation for innovation by providing Huntley with new flexible learning spaces that adapt to programming through the school day and across the school year. The spaces support and encourage student and teacher interaction and student peer...

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Wold's team partnered with Children's Hospital Colorado to design and create a welcoming outdoors environment for the students at Crawford Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.

Wold Architects and Engineers is advising Colorado's Pueblo City Schools on infrastructure and design considerations to help the district meet the needs of the next generation. Pueblo's older school buildings are ready for essential updates that will provide modern, comfortable learning environments for students and staff. Wold's vision for Pueblo school's future includes thermal comfort, security, IT and electrical infrastructure to support new flexible, integrated...

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First National Bank Building

Wold's St. Paul Office has moved. Find us at our new home in the historic First National Bank Building!

Wold Architects and Engineers - St. Paul

332 Minnesota Street


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Idalia Wins Award

Xcel Energy recently recognized 36 Minnesota businesses, including Wold, for their outstanding efforts to help customers save energy. The awards, presented April 9 at Pinstripes in Edina, recognized contractors, equipment suppliers and engineers that contributed the greatest electricity and natural gas savings to Xcel Energy’s Minnesota conservation programs in 2014.

Mike Freeman and Kyle Edsten (St....

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Idalia Wins Award

Idalia PK-12 School (Colorado) wins Best Project of K-12 Education for Colorado/Wyoming and Plains States (Kansas, Nebraska, Dakotas). The selection was announced by ENR Mountain States and you can see the full list of winners...

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