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PreK-12 schools rely on the concept of many grade levels efficiently interacting in a shared academic environment.

Our focus on PreK-12 school design, as well as educational design at all age levels, has given us an exceptional understanding of how to work with your community to create better educational opportunities for your students. We speak the language of education and educational facilities and can translate your school’s vision into physical solutions. For smaller districts, this often means looking at schools that combine different grade structures to maintain efficiency and community. Our company was built on the concept of listening and using your school’s visions to develop unique PreK-12 schools. Through constant communication and a planning process involving a wide array of stakeholders, we learn about your district’s details and customize your design to fit your mission and values.

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Designing for Many Ages

PreK-12 schools are an extension of the community and rely on the concept of older and younger students interacting in a shared academic environment. The design of these facilities must reflect this spectrum of age ranges. Younger students ride the buses alongside older students, and hallways are shared by all. During design, the safety of every student must be considered to ensure contribution to a productive and secure learning environment. Security must be a critical component of design due to varying social development between the ages. Spaces must appropriately reflect student’s needs when looking holistically at enrollment by age and grade level.

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Understanding PreK-12 Facilities

PreK-12 schools often differ in size, but commonly, they must incorporate creative design solutions to account for shared space. Often, rooms can be designed with a dual purpose to maximize efficiency and ensure optimal operational flexibility. For instance, a PreK-12 school could have a classroom that functions as an art room or an agriculture lab, depending on the students’ age for that hour. Affordable, creative solutions such as this allow schools to offer an array of courses without limiting classes due to lack of appropriate space.

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Listening to Your Community

A PreK-12 school’s reality is that they represent the larger community differently from any individual elementary, middle or high school. They are students’ homes for their education until they graduate; therefore, they foster relationships at a wider age range. The community has consistency in the place they recognize as “their school” for a more extended period of time. It is imperative that we understand what is important to you and your community and reflect it in the design.

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“We are continually impressed with the endless amount of resources they bring to the table. Their creativity is beyond measure.”

— Cyndi Wright, Director of Facilities and Transportation, Sheridan School District

We do not take a cookie-cutter approach on any projects we do. Needs, wants, goals and decisions are never the same from one client to the next, so we start every project with a fresh set of eyes and a blank piece of paper. By seeking first to understand you as a unique client, there is certainty in having your PreK-12 school’s goals, expectations and values reflected in the final design.

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Wold Architects & Engineers - PreK-12 School Design


PreK-12 schools rely on the concept of many grade levels efficiently interacting in a shared academic environment.

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