Wold History

A legacy of innovation and collaborative community partnerships

Wold's first office

About Wold

Wold Architects and Engineers is a full-service design firm focused on sustainable architecture and engineering for education, government, healthcare and senior living facilities. Since 1968, Wold is committed to delivering exceptional, long-term service to clients and their communities. Our national office is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, with other offices based in Denver, Colorado and Palatine, Illinois.

Our company ranks No. 35 nationally by the 2019 Building Design + Construction Giants 300 Report for A/E firms. Wold is ranked No. 7 nationally among K-12 School Architecture firms by BD + C. 






Clark Wold leaves B.W.W. to start his own firm. Influenced by the philosophy of his previous firm, he establishes the core approach for Wold Associates based on three goals:

  • Highly satisfied clients
  • Distinguished architecture
  • Sound business practices

The first Wold office was located in the Osborn Building, which later became the EcoLab tower, a downtown St. Paul building designed by Clark Wold.



Clark Wold retires, transitioning the firm to its second generation of leadership: Kevin Sullivan, Michael Cox and Norm Glewwe. The three new leaders stayed true to the foundation Clark Wold set and started to strategize on how to take the firm to the next level. They set an even higher bar for client service.

Cox, Glewwe and Sullivan also strategized if they focused on developing expertise in specific market sectors they could deliver even better results for clients and set the firm on a growth trajectory. They set out to make Wold the premier firm for public sector clients.

As the strategy of focusing on public sector clients is successful the new leaders realize for the firm to be able to maintain its success and continue to grow they need to develop future leaders. This era is the genesis of Wold’s culture of training and mentoring staff.



To better support clients Engineering expertise is added to the firm in 1992. “Wold Architects and Engineers” becomes the new name of the firm, reflecting its collaborative in-house services.
Having become a premier firm in the Twin Cities, the leadership team sets its sights beyond Minnesota. Wold’s diversification strategy expands the firm to the Chicago, Illinois area in 1996 and to Denver, Colorado in 2002.



Cox, Glewwe and Sullivan successfully transition the leadership a third time to Scott McQueen, Dan Kritta, Roger Schroepfer and Vaughn Dierks.
The new leadership team continues to grow and build the firm. Continuing the passion for delivering outcomes that lead to highly satisfied clients they develop an even more robust planning process enhancing client’s facility design experience with expertise.



As Wold continues to grow, the next generation of leaders is added to the team. Job Gutierrez, Joel Dunning, Josh Ripplinger, Lynae Schoen and Paul Aplikowski become partners in the firm. The expanded leadership team helps foster significant growth in all market sectors.
Recognizing synergies in the healthcare market with the firm’s public sector clients, Wold adds healthcare and senior living expertise to the firm by acquiring Horty Elving in 2014.

Wold Illinois team expands to deliver an even higher level of services to the area through the acquisition of Ruck Pate in 2017.


The Next 50 and Beyond

Wold celebrates 50 years of outstanding client service and growth as a firm in 2018.

We continue to practice the core values established by our founding leadership:

  • Highly satisfied clients
  • Develop and mentor future leaders
  • Focused market sectors
  • Unique approach for each client

Today Wold has clients throughout the United States, over 260 employees and a passion for client service. We look forward to partnering with you in the future.