Wold Services

Wide-ranging knowledge, world-class experience

When you work with Wold, you’ll benefit from five decades of combined knowledge and practice. Our team of 200+ architects, engineers, designers, researchers, and sustainability experts aim to deliver outstanding service from start to finish.


Master Planning

Successful planning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Instead, the process must include a diverse group of stakeholders. Your needs are front and center as we work together to prioritize goals and develop long-term solutions. We’ll help you succeed in several key planning areas, including facility and capacity analysis, growth projections, master planning, functional and space programming, and more.



Thoughtful architecture can invigorate your environment and inspire the communities you serve. Understanding your unique needs is key to creating responsive design solutions. We’ll collaborate with you to meet and exceed your functional and aesthetic expectations, while also respecting budget constraints.



To provide clients with even more comprehensive integrated service, we added mechanical and electrical engineering to our in-house expertise in 1992. If you’re interested in reducing energy usage and operating costs, our team will work with you to make it happen—and we’ll follow through to construction to ensure a quality end product.


Interior Design

Integrating space planning with furniture design creates better, more functional spaces. If you want your space to reflect the culture of those using it, we have the expertise you need. Wold’s interiors team fully participates in all phases of the project to deliver a unified comprehensive design.


Building Performance and Sustainability

Working to balance your sustainability goals with your bottom line? You can count on us to make it happen. We focus on improving both the quality of your environments and operational efficiency by offering total system solutions in operational cost savings, indoor air quality improvements, and many other key areas. Wold is a member of the US Green Building Council and currently employs more than 30 LEED-accredited design professionals.


Maintenance Optimization

Wold understands the need to preserve your buildings – your existing assets – even when you aren’t doing a large project. We help clients develop software and systems to track existing life cycle conditions and build plans for periodic and regular maintenance to prevent deterioration. Our teams know what to look for and are skilled in providing long-term solutions to addressing any of your maintenance needs.



When developing your program, Wold goes above and beyond the standard documents to understand your needs. We won’t just hand off room data sheets. Instead, you’ll receive “dialogue documents” that show the interface between organizational structures and related space implications. This helps to clarify the concept behind the numbers so everyone is in agreement.


Historic Preservation

For many clients, preserving the community’s heritage is a top priority. With hands-on experience in renovating historic structures, our team is skilled at integrating new materials and improvements into older facilities and spaces. We’ll research and document the original designer’s style and intention, restoring your space within the context of its history.