Spring Valley Senior Living

Spring Valley Senior Living is a 20-unit assisted living apartment building that consists of a new two-story, 24,000 sf building, a connecting link to the adjacent nursing home, 12 attached car garages, and a large, welcoming canopy.  The assisted living building has common areas within the building that include a large great room for gathering and dining, a kitchen, a lobby area, a community living room, a laundry room, and a large screened porch.  Each of the 20 living units includes at least one bath, a kitchen/dining/living room and one or two bedrooms. 

Spring Valley Senior Living is home to elderly residents that do not need nursing home care but need some level of in-home services that elevate their quality of life.  Spring Valley Senior Living creates a flexible living environment where residents have a variety of options to fit their health care and physical needs.  The building is a maintenance-free, positive home environment with areas where the residents partake in social activities or gather with friends and family outside of their living units.