Scott County Emergency Communications Center

Scott County completed a feasibility study for the recent consolidation of a facility containing all of the PSAPs for the county. The study focused on constructing a new facility that established criteria for redundancy and hardening.

The design of the new Scott Emergency Communications Center (SECC) uniquely combines an Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and 911 center. A flexible training space with dispatch stations opens onto both the 911-center floor and the EMA situation room for maximum use during emergencies. With an emphasis on efficiency, this 24-hour communications center is one of the first LEED Gold-certified 911 centers in the nation. By utilizing drought-resistant prairie grass landscaping, energy efficient mechanical systems, and ground source heat pumps that keep air-handling units off the roof and away from the potential danger of suffering damage during storms, the SECC conserves energy and money alike.  Easy to maintain systems and durable finishes support the ongoing nature of the building while respecting the budget and needs of the county.