Ramsey County 402 Building – Metro Crisis Center

The Ramsey County 402 Metro Crisis Center is different from any other facility in the nation and collocates three distinct services—detox, mental health crisis center, and commitment courts—providing a substantial opportunity for service integration for the county. While servicing some of the same clientele with variable base issues, these unique departments still needed clear separation to produce an appropriate healing environment.

In order for this facility to reach the people it seeks to help during crises, the 402 Metro Crisis Center needed to overcome the stigma associated with detox and commitment courts. After navigating vastly divergent needs and arriving at a consensus, the stakeholders envisioned a design that was not only inviting, service-oriented, and reflective of its mission but also accommodated the separate departments. The design ensures that the mental health clinic is spatially distinguishable from its counterparts, the commitment courts have a respectful and secure environment, and the detox center is a secure space for the chemically dependent.

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  • Project Type: Healthcare
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