Princeton Primary School

The original Princeton Elementary School was an outdated facility from the 1950’s and half the size it necessitated to serve the K-2 program for the district properly. The replacement facility updates and anticipates the future growth for the program. By designing large clusters that organized 11-12 classrooms by grade, the district anticipated its growth with a flex lab that could convert to classroom space. Every design element intends a creative use of space such as a dedicated outdoor classroom and a performance space surrounded by operable walls accommodate either side of the stage as audience seating.

The design also alleviates interior and exterior traffic issues. Very short hallways minimize student congestion indoors; meanwhile, additional work re-organized external traffic issues on the site shared between the K-2 and 4-6 building, considering issues beyond the project scope for the district and helping parents with students at both schools.

  • Project Type: Learning
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