Pipestone County Medical Center

The existing county hospital for the Pipestone Community was in need of substantial improvements. The Pipestone County Medical Center’s renovations became financially feasible after partnering with the local USDA Rural Development team. The success of the design required proactive in order to realign their medical campus to meet the current and projected healthcare needs of the community.

The new spaces provide improved patient and family experience while increasing staff efficiency. Nurse stations are placed in strategic locations throughout the patient care unit, keeping them central to the facility’s core while moving staff work areas from public view. The patient care unit has lounges and nutrition centers for visiting family, and the patient rooms have sofas that convert into beds when visiting family need to stay near at hand.

The design of the building ties together the various facades spanning 50 years and creates a unified design that symbolizes the high quality of care and technology provided by Pipestone County Medical Center. Pipestone County Medical Center was named the 2019 Most Beautiful Hospital in the U.S. with an overwhelming amount of support from patients and community members!