Perham Health

Perham Health serves a small, rural community in Minnesota’s central lake country. The architectural design aims at reducing patient, staff, and visitor stress levels during their stay at the hospital. Every major department of the hospital as well as the pharmacy, gift shop, and cafeteria has an entry point along the centralized two-story atrium, making navigation simple for patients and family. The atrium itself reflects the elements of nature and the surrounding lake lifestyle, providing a tranquil gathering space for the community; the space is calm and quiet beneath a ceiling reminiscent of the inside of a canoe, with a handmade ice-like chandelier as a focal point for the facility.

Focused around consolidating staff efficiency, the main ward desk has clear sightlines of the clinic, the emergency department, and the inpatient area in order to minimize staffing at night. The centralized hub-style layout of the atrium also lends itself to staff efficiency via easy circulation of staff and accomplishes major staffing goals of the critical access hospital.