Lakeville Police Station

The City of Lakeville, facing nearly 5% population growth annually, conducted a space needs analysis to determine the appropriate response for an increase in police staffing and emergency service needs. The design for their new facility utilizes an innovative three-zone security approach that subdivides spaces by levels of access: a low security, public access space for front door visitors to access administration and interviewing; a secured access spaces for investigations, administration, and patrol along a secure movement zone; and a high-security access space for holding and evidence areas for police staff with special clearance. This approach ensures safety for all users while aligning workflow along a common “interaction street” that maximizes efficiency. By collocating investigation and patrol along the same corridor, the relationships between departments can foster greater communication and share resource spaces, including conference and squad rooms.

The new facility considers future additions and incorporates potential growth areas like a firing range, a community room, and additional holding capacity.