Klein Center

Klein Center is a 160-bed senior living center that provides skilled long-term care, memory care, and transitional care. Comprised of five neighborhoods of 32, Klein Center features a two-story atrium designed to bring elements of the local Burlington River Walk to the facility with natural wood, stone, and soft color materials. In the River Center, residents and their families visit the library, general store, café, chapel, beauty salon, and therapy center.

With residential details, the core of each household utilizes a living room, dining room, and kitchen that forego the large, institutional feel. Residents enjoy the lifestyle, furniture, and details of a normal, homey atmosphere with their own private rooms they are encouraged to personalize.

Staff service spaces remain “off-stage” in order to sustain the home-like atmosphere. Food is prepared out of sight in a service kitchen and is then served family style in the household kitchen and dining room. The facility and program at Klein Center balances staff efficiency while keeping residents and their needs at the forefront.