Hermantown Middle/High School

After evaluating space deficiencies across District 700 Hermantown Area Schools, the most efficient solution relocated middle school students to the existing high school while designing an adjacent facility for the high school students. The solution, aided by deliberate facility planning that engaged community stakeholders and users across the district, promotes greater program connection for students during transitional years and allows them to take advantage of high-quality shared spaces.

The school is a two-story building organized around a digital commons and a student commons. Classrooms, labs, support spaces, and conference rooms flank the digital commons; livelier areas including the kitchen, office, athletics, and performing art spaces surround the student commons for large group functions. The design discards traditional school design and forfeits corridors in favor of collaborative learning spaces. As a result, every new space is shared and flexible to accommodate multiple learning styles as well as to orient students towards self-guided learning and more collegial experiences.

*Project completed in association with TKDA

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