DHSEM Relocation

After a space analysis that determined the appropriate and future-proof space program, the Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) relocated their EOC to an underutilized historic building on the county’s hospital campus. Originally built in 1914, the facility served as a nurse’s residence on a hospital campus and had since fallen out of use. This necessitated careful planning that mitigated environmental, structural, and infrastructure restrictions. By deliberate coordination of room layouts and readapting existing space, the design improves the EOC’s IT infrastructure and program function capabilities.

The DHSEM components include an operations center supported by breakout planning and logistics rooms, executive conference rooms, staff offices, hoteling workstations, and a joint information center for media briefings. Additional flexible areas accommodate easy adaptation for uses ranging from mobilization of related agencies, temporary housing/sleeping quarters, and training programs.

  • Project Type: Civic
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