Dakota Communications Center

The Dakota Communications Center (DCC) consolidates six existing dispatch centers under one roof and serves 11 cities in a centralized location. Located at the existing transportation facility, 911 dispatch sits at the core and features administration and office support as well as a state-of-the-art data/communications room. The DCC operates on an 800 MHz radio network, enabling seamless communications. Multiple redundancy and back-up options combined with storm proofing and hardening ensure that the critical emergency dispatch areas can withstand winds up to 300 mph and hurricane-level winds. In addition to the focus on security and safety of equipment and occupants, the design of the communications center considers the space as a work environment that alleviates stress wherever possible. Spatial characteristics, proper daylighting, high ceilings, and amenities such as quiet rooms, exercise spaces, training rooms, a breakroom, and exterior patios support the 911-dispatch team and their mission. The aggressive two-year schedule for completing the facility required open communication and a deep understanding of project objectives and budget.