Centennial High School

The primary design goal at Centennial High School focuses on creating a broader range of learning environments through a variety of flex spaces. The reimagined traditional library now functions as a modern, digital e-café with the flexibility to accommodate anything between one-on-one study sessions to 100-on-one web-connected seminars. Scaled versions of similar spaces have proper technology equipment and are scattered strategically throughout Centennial High School. The planning of these spaces intend to support a lunchtime program called LEAP (Lunch, Energize, Achieve, Participate) that lets students explore a topic of their interest. The program is a 60-minute block of time over the lunch hour that gives students and staff the opportunities to join together to study, connect, enjoy lunch, and recharge with others that share their passions. All breakout spaces can also convert into flexible learning areas that extend beyond the classroom. In addition to these flex spaces, the designs promote community pride and consider future classroom additions to the science wing.

*Project completed in association with Nexxus

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