Brown County Community Treatment Center

Brown County Community Treatment Center illustrates the commitment of collaboration between owner and designer for a complex healthcare project that includes a county-owned psychiatric hospital, long-term care facility, and a mental health clinic. The facility’s design intends to put the needs of residents first while respecting staff and meeting sustainable design goals.

With home-like “neighborhoods” and “households” in the hospital, every resident has a private room. Two households of ten comprise each neighborhood, which has its own living room, dining room, activity kitchen, and bathing area. These daily life activities provide a sense of normalcy and routine for residents. Residents dine on their own schedule with other household members in the dining rooms, which each have their own service kitchen. The kitchens are open and accessible, encouraging residents to participate in preparing their own meals or even doing dishes if they so choose. These accommodations reconnect residents to familiar sights and sounds of daily life.

The project remained respectful of taxpayers to Brown County, necessitating a strict budget while providing a dignified and warm home for residents.